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Casey and Alison Stechnij are 4th generation Arizonians, 3rd generation dairy farmers, and brother and sister. They grew up on the family farms in East Mesa, enjoying their rural lifestyle. They both were active in 4H, and Casey excelled in FFA. The State and County Fairs were big part of their lives as they learned how to love and care for farm animals. They both graduated from Gilbert High School. Casey received his degree from the University of Arizona, while Alison chose Arizona State University.

After graduation, Casey returned to the dairy assuming the role of manager and purchasing his first herd of Holsteins in 1998. Alison opted for the corporate world, joining the rat race that eventually found her in Orlando, Florida. After more than ten years of sitting on airport tarmacs and avoiding hurricanes, she realized that she had left a big piece of her heart the Valley of the Sun. This year, she decided to hang up her racing shoes and replace them with a pair of milking boots!

They both recognize the lifestyle they grew up with was a rare opportunity most children and many adults never get a chance to witness. Growing up, they didn’t always enjoy those mornings getting up before 5:00 a.m. to feed animals or driving the old, beat up farm truck to school. However, there was also a sense of pride when they brought a city friend out to climb haystacks, soak in a water trough, play with the farm animals or witness a wobbly legged calf stand for the first time. They enjoyed inviting their classrooms out for a hayride and a tour of their dairy and wondered why their friends were so intrigued with the life that was so commonplace for them.

With the urban areas rapidly eating up the rural farmscape, Casey and Alison see the opportunity to share their humble way of life with city citizens, both young and old. Their mission is to demonstrate to all visitors the daily life on a working family farm. They also wish to show the public that a modern dairy operation is environmentally conscious forward and each team member who works there is totally and lovingly dedicated to the care, comfort, and health of every animal. They are hopeful that a visit here will be entertaining, educational and above all, memorable. So, stop by and say hello to the Stechnij’s and their dedicated teammates and enjoy your adventure at Superstition Farm.